The AltaTherm Technology

AltaTherm is the disruptive ultimate commercial cooking solution. It’s the first fundamentally new cooking technology in 60 years! Our patented innovative solid-state cooking technology uses targeted and precise beams of narrowband infrared light to melt, toast, bake, grill, and hold food at its ideal temperature. It’s the unique food preparation tool for a digital world.

What is this Disruptive New Technology?

By utilizing a specific band of precisely matched narrowband light from the everyday light spectrum, AltaTherm is using safe heating technology.

The First Truly Digital Cooking Technology

AltaTherm is the first truly digital cooking technology, offering instant on/off, unprecedented thermal control, unique thermal sequencing, precise heat disposition, and so much more.  All of this patented technology is designed to facilitate hitting your unique flavor profile every time. 


Why NarrowLight Cooking?


It’s Healthier

Food can be flash frozen at its healthiest point, and AltaTherm can flash unfreeze it. When food is eaten at its healthiest point, less sodium is needed for preservatives and less processing is needed to keep it fresh. Frozen food no longer has to be pre-cooked before freezing.


It’s Better Tasting

Because you’re eating food exactly the way it should be cooked and at its freshest point. By not over heating the food, you are getting food at its most delectable.


It Uses Narrowband Digital Heating

AltaTherm only uses a solitary band of infrared light to heat food using digital technology to cook the food exactly the way it needs to be.


It’s Faster

AltaTherm can cook food up to 12 times faster than other cooking technology. AltaTherm has created a new class of semi-conductors to produce the perfect band of narrow infrared light, which exactly matches the food for excellent cooking and minimal drying.


Why AltaTherm?


Unique Heating Principle

Traditional heating elements heat the air which then exposes the surface of the food to superheated air, which dries out the food. Bright lights overheat the surface of the food, thus drying it out. Microwaves or RF heats foods by spinning around the water molecules, thus boiling out the water, which dries the food.  AltaTherm penetrates deeply and directly into the food tissues to cook each item to the perfect temperature with absolutely minimal drying of the food


Energy Efficiency

Because AltaTherm uses precisely chosen narrow bands of infrared light to heat the food, it is only heating the food tissues directly, thus eliminating excessive heat waste.

Zoned Cooking Capabilities

AltaTherm’s use of high-powered, precise narrowband infrared light allows you to prepare different types of food at individual temperatures at the same time. AltaTherm’s zone cooking capability allows you to cook multiple items at once and each can be cooked to the perfect temperature, holding each item at the optimal serving temperature until they are all ready for presentation. You can cook your steak, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and pudding all at once and each will be ready to serve with perfect temperatures and unbelievable taste that is not possible with today’s traditional cooking appliances.


It Offers Precision Holding

Gone are the days of having to prep food right before it’s eaten or having to synchronize finish times closely. With AltaTherm, your food is held at the exact temperature it needs to be, ensuring healthiness and safety while optimizing quality and taste.

Safer Operation and Reduced Employee Risk

AltaTherm utilizes cold box cooking, which improves operator safety because the entire machine isn’t heated. The warmest thing inside an AltaTherm oven is the food! Only the specific food tissues are heated, exactly the way they should be, using exclusive narrowlight cooking technology. This makes the oven dramatically safer to load and unload and reduces the risk of burns.

Reduced Wasted Heat and Efficiency

AltaTherm allows for instant on/off, unprecedented thermal control, precise heat disposition, and infinitely flexible programming to improve efficiency and reduce wasted heat. Only the food is targeted, which reduces wasted heat and costs.

Are You Ready to Experience AltaTherm?

We want to help you make your commercial kitchen more efficient; reducing costs and increasing safety while making your food healthier and more delicious. AlthaTherm technology can be licensed for integration into all kinds of cooking and holding appliances. Contact us to learn more.