Precision NarrowLight Cooking

has arrived.

Faster, Healthier, and Better-Tasting Food Unlike Any Other: AltaTherm

AltaTherm is a better way to cook and hold food at temperature. Exclusive, patented Narrowband digital cooking technology and only the safest band of light is used to bake, grill, toast, sear and prepare everything faster, safer, more nutritiously and at its very best. Consistently. Every time. 

Introducing… The First Fundamentally New Cooking Technology in 60 Years!

This deeply patented new technology facilitates:


Only AltaTherm can flash unfreeze food frozen at the moment of optimal nutrition and freshness. Say goodbye to overheating and unhealthy preservatives.


The first truly digital oven. This precision solid state cooking technology allows AltaTherm to prepare every item to perfection so you get moist, flavorful food – every time. Finally, a fundamentally new cooking technology  that doesn’t dry out your food!  AltaTherm carefully guards the moisture and doesn’t cook out the flavor you’ve been missing.


AltaTherm …… oven!  The NarrowLight cooking technology prepares food with greater energy efficiency, saving production costs while leaving meals moist and delicious, never dried out.




AltaTherm uses precision narrowband infrared light to cook food, homing in on the food itself, not the surface around it. AltaTherm dramatically reduces worries about burning yourself on the doors, heating surfaces or sides of the unit!

Create Your Best and Most-Efficient Commercial Kitchen with AltaTherm

The kitchen is all about balance and timing. Success depends on how well you can coordinate prep times so your courses and individual menu items are delivered at the height of taste, while enhancing health and safety standards. For years, chefs around the world have dreamed of a better cooking technology that could magically make these issues easier to solve.

Congratulations, Chef. AltaTherm is tomorrow’s cooking technology today!

AltaTherm is the ultimate tool for your commercial kitchen. Not only can it cook and prepare exactly every time, it can also hold food at the ideal temperature for extended lengths of time, meaning that your kitchen can produce large quantities of food at one time while keeping it as healthy, as moist, and as delicious as when it was first prepared. With AltaTherm’s precision patented solid-state cooking technology, your food is prepared consistently, every single time!

Different Foods. Different Temps. One Unit.

AltaTherm’s revolutionary precision cooking zones allow you the freedom of preparing food at different temps in the same unit.  AltaTherm facilitates the use of programmable control to ensure that all of your food finishes at the same time, but not the same temperature.  Imagine preparing:

Steak or Salmon Seared to Perfection

Your steak can be medium-well…

Mac ‘N Cheese Gooey and Bubbly

… as your macaroni arrives warm and deliciously cheesy…

Mashed Potatoes Warmed to a T

… while your mashed potatoes are warm, fluffy, and moist…

Pudding Chilled and Cool

… topped off with dessert pudding that stays chilled and cool for the perfect after dinner contrast.

Best of all, with the right AltaTherm oven, these delicious items can be prepared at exactly the same time in one unit. No more juggling cooking surfaces and eyeing individual timers. The precision solid state cooking technology with AltaTherm changes everything.